Registration Issues

If you cannot access the site, it may be because you have not registered. Follow the steps below to register with If you continue to have difficulty accessing the site, contact your provider.

Registration Email

Your provider will send you an email to register with to your email on file.

If you received a registration email, select the Register Here button.

If you do not see a registration email in your Inbox, check your spam folder. If you did not see a registration email at all, contact your provider.

The registration link is only active for 14 days. If you see a message stating that the registration link has expired, you will need to contact your provider to resend the registration email.

Identification Page

After selecting the registration email, you will see the Identification page. Here, you identify yourself by providing the exact information that you gave to your practice (First and Last Name, Date of Birth, and Zip Code). Select Continue when finished.

If your information does not match, you will receive the following error message:

Enter your information in the Identification fields again and then select Continue. If you continue to have difficulty, contact your provider.

User Profile Page

After you are finished filling in the information in the Identification page, you will then see the User Profile page. Here you will be able to set your username, password, and set your security questions (you'll have to answer these if you forget your password). Select Register when complete.

If you do not see this page, but instead see a Verify Identification page (see below), then you already have an account in

If your chosen username is already in use, or if your password does not meet the password requirements, you will receive a warning message. Reenter a user name or password, if you see a warning message.

When finished, select Register. Accept the Disclaimer by selecting I accept. You will then receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

Verify Identification Page

If you see the Verify Identification page rather than the Patient Profile page it means that you already have an account with with another physician's office. Since you will only need one account to access your health information from more than one provider, you can link your new registration with your existing account.

You will then need to verify your identity by either answering your security questions or entering your username.

Select either Answer security questions or Verify username, and then select Continue.

If you select Answer security questions, you will need to provide the answers to the two previously set security questions. When finished, select Continue.

If you selected Verify username, enter your username and then select Continue. You will then see the following message.

Your accounts are then linked. Select OK to go to the log in page. To learn more about managing an account with multiple practices, see the topic My Account.